Everyone is a poet at heart. Just about anything can be expressed in a poem such as emotions, ideas, stories, songs, and dreams. Poetry is often considered the most powerful form of writing such that often the reader has to seek the meaning of words, lines, and phrases so the depth of the poem is exposed. Jaymista poetry is lightweight in this regard and is not comparable to the truly great poetry found on many other web sites. Nevertheless, it has meaning to the author. In times of turmoil it is the poets who speak for society, and it is often the poets who are the first to be imprisoned or killed by those who control society. Poets try to express unique thoughts hoping the reader can understand or relate to them. That's what Jaymista Poetry is all about. Enjoy!

Note: I've added a few "tunes" and poem readings to my site just to make it a bit more interesting!

We Remember
Bless This Mess
The Hunter
Peace Treaty
Oh Little Children
Night Scene
Carpenter's Insight
The Zoo
Sing Not Shout
Old Gut
China Lady
The Mystery
To Live Again
My Magical Machine
Once Upon A Teardrop
My Shame
Down On My Luck
Oh Holy Earth, Amen
Today I Think of You
To See and To Be
The Question
No Need for Battle
Gene Autry Live
Ernest William, the Duke
The Seed of Life

About Me!

Songs Sung by Donnie
I am not known as a singer and I do not know how to play any instrument. I offer these "songs" sung by myself, Donnie Jones, in the hope that someone out there thinks I can carry a tune good enough to try singing a couple of my own songs. These bits of "music" are posted here mainly for the benefit of relatives and friends who know me and might get a kick out of hearing me sing. And maybe get a laugh. You might have to adjust your volume from song to song. Anyway, I could soon try singing a couple of my own songs for your "entertainment".

Update January 7, 2012: I posted these songs in the spring of 2011 in the hope I'd get some response but, other than two or three very close relatives, got nothing. I also sent the song urls to some "singers" but only heard back that I had a "nice website." My final song posting was "I Believe" which I posted on Facebook. Thinking to myself, I said if I just get three "Like" clicks for "I Believe", then I'll take the time to write and sing some songs of my own. But it didn't happen. So ended my idea of posting my own songs. I feel like I made a fool of myself but one has to test things out in this world and decide which road to take so you can avoid dead ends.

Click on the song name and let it download.

Danced All Night

A Fool Such As I

Loveliest Night of the Year

Forgot to Remember To Forget

I See the Moon

You Are My Sunshine

Anniversary Song


Unchained Melody

We Will Make Love

Over the Rainbow

What Am I Living For

I Believe (Tribute to Steve Ritchie)

Lonely Boy

Mona Lisa

Remember Me

O Canada

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