In Memory of Steve Ritchie

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Stephen John Ritchie

I am not a singer. I just try my best and hope the results are listenable. Through some strange quirk in time, a couple of years ago I humbly decided to try singing this song, "I Believe", and placing it on the internet. I am dedicating it to the memory of a beloved and personal friend to me, Steve Ritchie, who died from a battle with cancer on December 17th, 2014, age 63.

Steve and I had some good conversations on many topics. I would bring them up and marvel how he already knew much about the topic and, if not, he was a kind listener. Over time, I have lost many truly close friends and if I could gather them altogether, Steve would be our leader. That is the way I thought of Steve. From time to time, he would offer me some very important advice and I'm glad I listened.

We'll all miss him but his spirit will be with us I'm sure. To his wife, Donna, and his family and friends, this web page is my paying homage to someone who made me understand what life was really about. Steve will know the words are from my heart.


I Believe

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